History Repeating Itself

History repeats

Have you noticed how history tends to repeat itself a lot in fashion?  Everything seems to be making a comeback, even Hammer pants (which are now being called harem pants).  Now I will admit that I love those recycled fashions, I have an obsession with polyester, but I don’t have the patience to sift through some of these vintage store.  When I do muster up the energy to go through & actually try on the pieces, I always seem to come out like a champ.

They say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and it seems like there is a thrift/vintage/resale stores are popping up on just about every corner.  Therefore I say go treasure hunting & find your fabulousness.

About 2 weekends ago I had the pleasure of happening upon an estate sale while out with my friend Cynthia.  We decided to stop in & to our great surprise everything in the store was 50% off…let the shopping commence!  They had everything from a couch to clothing to housewares.  I mean if it was to be had in the 40s, 50s, 60s & beyond they had it there.  It seems they were trying to sell off the rest of the items from a store closing…so sorry to hear that but GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL for Cynthia & me!

To begin with, the prices were already on the low low, so to get an additional 50% off is Christmas in July.  The pieces they had were amazing & I would have probably left with the entire store if I could have fit into everything I saw and loved, but alas that was not the case.  I did however leave with a dress I absolutely fell in love with, a men’s denim button down shirt & a black & white striped shirt.  As you can see the pic collage showcases the dress (my fav of the 3).

My friend Ann is getting married in November at a winery & I thought this would be the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding at a winery.  For now, I decided to pair it up with Jennifer Lopez peep toe stilettos I found at Kohl’s & a magazine clutch I found at my favorite handbag store My Bags.  Although the dress cost me $7, it has a broken zipper & seeing that yours truly is not in any way, shape or form a seamstress, I will have to pay to have the zipper fixed.  Not sure how much that will cost me but hey, I paid $7 for this beaut  so I really don’t mind the fact the actual cost may be more than $7, consider it my splurge for the month.

So here is the vintage purchase breakdown:

  • Vinatge 1960s dress $7
  • Gap men’s denim button down shirt $5
  • Black & white striped shirt $2

Breakdown for the possible wedding ensemble

  • Vintage 1960s dress $7
  • Jennifer Lopez peep toe stilettos $21.97 (Kohl’s)
  • Magazine clutch $34.50 (My Bag)

With that being said…GO TREASURE HUNTING!!! You will be surprised with what you find.

‘Til next time,



Jeans & My Affliction


I suffer from a condition called thighrubitis.  This condition’s symptoms are the rubbing of thighs so much that you literally walk a hole into your pants, which basically means if you are a frequent wearer of a particular pair or 2 of pants then you’ve got thin fabric on your crotch area or even a hole…ay dios mios!  So how do you deal with a condition such as this when you are living the Fashion Under 20 lifestyle?

Let’s focus on jeans, shall we?  As much as I love getting dolled up, I absolutely love wearing a pair of jeans.  However, my thighrubitis makes it where I can rub a hole into a pair of jeans at or around the 6 – 12 months mark.  Although I have quite a few jeans in stock, there are a few that I fall in love with and tend to wear A LOT.  One particular pair was my Gap 1969 Real Straight jeans.  Oh how I loved wearing those jeans, but after 6 months I was back to the Gap spending $60-70 for a new pair…OY!  So when I began practicing my Fashion Under 20 lifestyle I happened upon an article by a fellow blogger, Patrice (Looking Fly on a Dime), about her favorite pair of jeans.  Little did I know that skinny people also suffered from thighrubitis, but that is neither here nor there, anywho I was very surprised to find out she absolutely loved her Forever 21 black skinny jeans.

It took me a while to make it to Forever 21 but I finally went.  Can you believe that I purchased 2 pairs of jeans for $30?  They had great jeans for $14.80!  Various washes and cuts…SCORE!!!  I purchased gray skinnys and a dark wash. They’ve been worn dressy and casual.  I’ve had my jeans for almost a year & have no thinning in the crotch or holes…YEAH BUDDY!!!

Crazy to think that for years I have been spending all that money on jeans when I could have gone to Forever 21 and purchased a few pairs for the price of one. Lessoned learned!

Alright, now it’s your turn!  It’s up to you to find a great pair or 2 of jeans for $20 or less.  A pair of jeans that will not succumb to thighrubitis.  When you find those jeans, be sure to share it with your FU20 family!

‘Til next time,


Not Bad for Under $100

The sacrifices I make for my FU20 family!  I decided to give up my Friday to do research (aka, go shopping).  I gave myself a budget of $100 for this research project.  Although I’ve been living this Fashion Under 20 lifestyle for a year now, I have never actually given myself a budget so this was going to be a true experiment for me.

The stores I ventured to were Forever 21, Ross & JC Penny.  The haul included 2 miniskirts, 2 dresses, 3 t-shirts, a pair of pants & nail polish.  Not bad for less than $100!

$98 shopping victory

At the end of the day, I think I did pretty well with my budget experiment.  Now it’s your turn!  Set a budget for your shopping adventure & see what all you can get for that amount and then share it with the rest of us.  Send your pics & I will post it here.  You never know, I might be so impressed with your haul that I may just give you a surprise for being so flippin awesome!  I’m serious about that!

‘Til next time,


Taking Care of Your Fabulous Fashion

Clothes care

I’m a bit of a clothes hog, if you couldn’t already tell.  I love having clothes in my closet and I love adding new pieces to the closet.  One of my favorite things to do is pairing a new piece with something I’ve had in my closet forever.  I get a little tickled when I’m asked about the older piece only to respond, “I’ve had this forever!”  Up until recently, I had a few pieces in my closet that I’ve had since high school.  Yes, high school & I could still fit in them (thank you fashion gods!).  So how did I keep those items that long?  Proper care, that’s it!

Part of maintaining that fabulous closet you are acquiring for $20 or less is taking care of your clothes.  I usually start by reading the care label of each piece I purchase.  Then I ask myself “how much do you love this piece?”  The reason I ask myself that question is to determine how well I care for that item and how long the item stays in rotation.  If I’ve determined that I am madly in love with the piece then here is my routine.

Once worn and I’ve finally decided to do laundry ,usually around the time I am down to a weeks worth of panties, I place my loves (aka pieces) in a separate pile.  That pile is washed on the delicate cycle with either Dreft or a cleanser without harsh sulfates and detergents (I use Dr. Woods but you can find a ton at your local natural grocers).  Washing with such a cleanser helps to preserve the fabric’s lifespan.  Yes, I do place my loves in the washing machine because that whole “washing by hands” thing is so overrated and besides “ain’t nobody got time for that.”  I may or may not put my loves in the dryer, but I always hang them up to dry.  The dryer is great and convenient but I am not a fan of placing them in there to dry completely.  Now, if I do place my clothes in the dryer it is on low and for a brief moment just to remove some of the dampness, but I will not allow my loves to completely dry in the dryer.

Now I’m sure you are wondering why I just don’t go te the dry cleaners?  Look, around here we’re all about saving money and always taking my clothes to the cleaners may be convenient however it  is not economical for me.  Now, unless my clothes specifically say “dry clean” only or is something I would only wear to a special event, then I would take them to the cleaners.  Other than that, the cleaners is not an everyday part of my clothing care repertoire.

I’ve been doing my laundry this way for a while and have been able to keep my loves in my closet for years.  Now my method may be too much for you or you may have a better way, if you do please share with the FU20 family…any and all help is welcomed around this joint.

So how do you care for your fabulous fashions?

‘Til next time,


$20 JC Penny Fabulous


Last night I had an event to attend. The event was the screening of an HBO documentary, so I didn’t want to be too dressed up but did want to look like I made a little effort. I purchased this number at JC Penny (JCP) on Memorial day on a shopping trip with some girlfriends. I never intended to pair the two together but am glad I did.

So here’s what I did:

* JCP white t-shirt – $5.99
* Nicole by Nicole Miller black pants with pink accents – $13.50

Not bad for $19.50!

I love the pop of color in the pants! I decided to pair the outfit with a pair of cream/green polka dot, Lela Rose shoes I purchased at Payless a couple of years ago. I finished my look with basic silver hoops, a chunky necklace I bought at Kohl’s on clearance years ago, red matte lips (NYX – Perfect Red) & confidence.

It really shouldn’t cost you that much to shine like a star.

‘Til next time,


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