History Repeating Itself

History repeats

Have you noticed how history tends to repeat itself a lot in fashion?  Everything seems to be making a comeback, even Hammer pants (which are now being called harem pants).  Now I will admit that I love those recycled fashions, I have an obsession with polyester, but I don’t have the patience to sift through some of these vintage store.  When I do muster up the energy to go through & actually try on the pieces, I always seem to come out like a champ.

They say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and it seems like there is a thrift/vintage/resale stores are popping up on just about every corner.  Therefore I say go treasure hunting & find your fabulousness.

About 2 weekends ago I had the pleasure of happening upon an estate sale while out with my friend Cynthia.  We decided to stop in & to our great surprise everything in the store was 50% off…let the shopping commence!  They had everything from a couch to clothing to housewares.  I mean if it was to be had in the 40s, 50s, 60s & beyond they had it there.  It seems they were trying to sell off the rest of the items from a store closing…so sorry to hear that but GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL for Cynthia & me!

To begin with, the prices were already on the low low, so to get an additional 50% off is Christmas in July.  The pieces they had were amazing & I would have probably left with the entire store if I could have fit into everything I saw and loved, but alas that was not the case.  I did however leave with a dress I absolutely fell in love with, a men’s denim button down shirt & a black & white striped shirt.  As you can see the pic collage showcases the dress (my fav of the 3).

My friend Ann is getting married in November at a winery & I thought this would be the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding at a winery.  For now, I decided to pair it up with Jennifer Lopez peep toe stilettos I found at Kohl’s & a magazine clutch I found at my favorite handbag store My Bags.  Although the dress cost me $7, it has a broken zipper & seeing that yours truly is not in any way, shape or form a seamstress, I will have to pay to have the zipper fixed.  Not sure how much that will cost me but hey, I paid $7 for this beaut  so I really don’t mind the fact the actual cost may be more than $7, consider it my splurge for the month.

So here is the vintage purchase breakdown:

  • Vinatge 1960s dress $7
  • Gap men’s denim button down shirt $5
  • Black & white striped shirt $2

Breakdown for the possible wedding ensemble

  • Vintage 1960s dress $7
  • Jennifer Lopez peep toe stilettos $21.97 (Kohl’s)
  • Magazine clutch $34.50 (My Bag)

With that being said…GO TREASURE HUNTING!!! You will be surprised with what you find.

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Jeans & My Affliction


I suffer from a condition called thighrubitis.  This condition’s symptoms are the rubbing of thighs so much that you literally walk a hole into your pants, which basically means if you are a frequent wearer of a particular pair or 2 of pants then you’ve got thin fabric on your crotch area or even a hole…ay dios mios!  So how do you deal with a condition such as this when you are living the Fashion Under 20 lifestyle?

Let’s focus on jeans, shall we?  As much as I love getting dolled up, I absolutely love wearing a pair of jeans.  However, my thighrubitis makes it where I can rub a hole into a pair of jeans at or around the 6 – 12 months mark.  Although I have quite a few jeans in stock, there are a few that I fall in love with and tend to wear A LOT.  One particular pair was my Gap 1969 Real Straight jeans.  Oh how I loved wearing those jeans, but after 6 months I was back to the Gap spending $60-70 for a new pair…OY!  So when I began practicing my Fashion Under 20 lifestyle I happened upon an article by a fellow blogger, Patrice (Looking Fly on a Dime), about her favorite pair of jeans.  Little did I know that skinny people also suffered from thighrubitis, but that is neither here nor there, anywho I was very surprised to find out she absolutely loved her Forever 21 black skinny jeans.

It took me a while to make it to Forever 21 but I finally went.  Can you believe that I purchased 2 pairs of jeans for $30?  They had great jeans for $14.80!  Various washes and cuts…SCORE!!!  I purchased gray skinnys and a dark wash. They’ve been worn dressy and casual.  I’ve had my jeans for almost a year & have no thinning in the crotch or holes…YEAH BUDDY!!!

Crazy to think that for years I have been spending all that money on jeans when I could have gone to Forever 21 and purchased a few pairs for the price of one. Lessoned learned!

Alright, now it’s your turn!  It’s up to you to find a great pair or 2 of jeans for $20 or less.  A pair of jeans that will not succumb to thighrubitis.  When you find those jeans, be sure to share it with your FU20 family!

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