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I’m a bit of a clothes hog, if you couldn’t already tell.  I love having clothes in my closet and I love adding new pieces to the closet.  One of my favorite things to do is pairing a new piece with something I’ve had in my closet forever.  I get a little tickled when I’m asked about the older piece only to respond, “I’ve had this forever!”  Up until recently, I had a few pieces in my closet that I’ve had since high school.  Yes, high school & I could still fit in them (thank you fashion gods!).  So how did I keep those items that long?  Proper care, that’s it!

Part of maintaining that fabulous closet you are acquiring for $20 or less is taking care of your clothes.  I usually start by reading the care label of each piece I purchase.  Then I ask myself “how much do you love this piece?”  The reason I ask myself that question is to determine how well I care for that item and how long the item stays in rotation.  If I’ve determined that I am madly in love with the piece then here is my routine.

Once worn and I’ve finally decided to do laundry ,usually around the time I am down to a weeks worth of panties, I place my loves (aka pieces) in a separate pile.  That pile is washed on the delicate cycle with either Dreft or a cleanser without harsh sulfates and detergents (I use Dr. Woods but you can find a ton at your local natural grocers).  Washing with such a cleanser helps to preserve the fabric’s lifespan.  Yes, I do place my loves in the washing machine because that whole “washing by hands” thing is so overrated and besides “ain’t nobody got time for that.”  I may or may not put my loves in the dryer, but I always hang them up to dry.  The dryer is great and convenient but I am not a fan of placing them in there to dry completely.  Now, if I do place my clothes in the dryer it is on low and for a brief moment just to remove some of the dampness, but I will not allow my loves to completely dry in the dryer.

Now I’m sure you are wondering why I just don’t go te the dry cleaners?  Look, around here we’re all about saving money and always taking my clothes to the cleaners may be convenient however it  is not economical for me.  Now, unless my clothes specifically say “dry clean” only or is something I would only wear to a special event, then I would take them to the cleaners.  Other than that, the cleaners is not an everyday part of my clothing care repertoire.

I’ve been doing my laundry this way for a while and have been able to keep my loves in my closet for years.  Now my method may be too much for you or you may have a better way, if you do please share with the FU20 family…any and all help is welcomed around this joint.

So how do you care for your fabulous fashions?

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