A Bright Summer

ColorAlthough summer has not officially started, it has unofficially begun here in Texas.  The humidity & the heat, gotta love Texas summers.  So let’s discuss summer wardrobe, do you have a summer wardrobe game plan?  I’m thinking COLOR!!!  Be seen Honey!!!

There are tons of people who are afraid of color, I admit I was one of those people, but then I woke up and decided to venture into the world of color.  I’m so glad I decided to give color a try…Hallelujah!!!  There were colors that I thought would never look good on me that have turned out to look pretty darn hot (if I do say so myself).

So let’s explore colors:

  • Red – I just never saw myself as a red wearing person until I tried on the red dress JCP) in the top picture.  I loved the way it fit my curves & for $16, it was perfect for my budget.  Red lips, actually red matte lips are my new love.  Who knew that wearing red lips would make you feel so “Old Hollywood” glamorous. The color I am wearing in the picture is NYX  Perfect Red ($6).   I recommend you give it a try sometime.
  • Neons – Ok, neon colors were never supposed to be in my wardrobe at all but I figured “WTH, let’s do this,” so I did.  I absolutely love love my neon lime green shorts I got for half price at the Gap Outlet ($17).  I feel like I hit the fashion jackpot because I can wear those shorts dressed up or casual (a FU20 love)!
  • Pinks – Pink hues on the eyes or maybe a top or a swimsuit is a great way to just start off with colors.  Pinks, peaches, etc are a like the new black to me, they go with most colors & even if you think they don’t, just go ahead & put them together anyway.

In the words of Macklemore, “rock that ish!”

‘Til next time,



Me & My Jellys (Mel for Forever 21)

Me & My Jellys (Mel for Forever 21)

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the fantabulous collaboration between Forever 21 & Melissa shoes. If you’ve slept since then & don’t remember what I am talking about, how about you take a gander at this. Anywho, when I wrote the post I also mentioned that I would be heading to my local Forever 21 to cop a pair or 2 & that is exactly what I did!

I purchased 2 pairs of the comfortable & cute numbers & recently wore the blue gladiators yesterday to run errands. I AM IN LOVE!!! These are so comfortable & really cute. They go well with just about anything from a sundress, which I wore yesterday, to shorts & jeans. Even my picky, conservative, older sister complimented me on how cute they are.

For $22.80, this adorable number is really worth it. I like them so much I may be wearing them most of the summer.

There are different styles & colors so check them out & buy a pair or 2 or 3 or more!

‘Til next time,

Fashion Under 20 Challenge: Tim Gunn’s 10 Essential Wardrobe Items


Let me start off this post by admitting something, I LOVE me some Tim Gunn!!!  Love, love, love everything about him!  I love his style, smile, glasses, voice, laugh, I can go on & on but I won’t because I don’t want to run you off due to the fact that you think I can some crazy stalker chick who is obsessed with the perfection that is Tim Gunn.  Don’t judge me!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s discuss this challenge.  Seeing that I am mildly obsessed with Tim Gunn, it would only be fitting that I own his book, Tim Gun: A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style. By now, most everyone knows or have heard about Tim’s (in my mind Tim Gunn & I are on a first name basis…indulge me in my fantasy), as I was saying, Tim’s 10 Essential Wardrobe items for women.  If you have no clue about what I am talking about, here they are:

1. Basic Black Dress

“We all know that you can dress it up to take it out, that’s its intention, but you can also pair an item like this with a cardigan for work. So it’s an easy item to transition.”

2. Day Dress

“This is a dress that you’re probably going to wear to work. It is never intended to be a dress that you would wear to a cocktail party alternative.”

3. Classic White Shirt

“This should be in every woman’s dressing vocabulary,” Gunn says.  Pair it with jeans, a skirt or dress pants for an easy, polished outfit.

4. Classic Blazer

“This is the easiest way in the world to dress up a T-shirt and a pair of jeans and take them almost anywhere,” Gunn says.

5. Dress Pants

6. Trench Coat

Whether it’s that traditional khaki coat with military details or a fun, red color that pops against your hair or skin tone, Gunn loves a good trench.

“It’s my coat of choice because you can wear it to the grocery store, you can take it to the opera,” he says.

7. Good Pair of Jeans

“For me, the style of choice is one that falls straight from the widest part of your hip and that is in a dark wash,” Gunn says. “No distressing.”

8. Skirt

Pair with the white shirt and the blazer for an easy, polished look.

9. Cashmere Sweater

“Cashmere will not pill, so this will be very, very serviceable in your wardrobe. You’ll get a lot of wear out of it,” Gunn says.

10. Sweatsuit Alternative

“This is an item that’s easy to throw on, that allows you to look sophisticated and polished and is an alternative to the sweat suit,” Gunn says. “Depending on your taste and lifestyle, this can take on many different forms.”


Now my fashion BFF Tim suggest that you do not scrimp on what he calls “practical items,” which I totally agree but here at FU20 (I’m getting sick of writing it out so we’ll abbreviate from here on) we’re on a budget & it is completely possible to get quality “practical items” for $20 or less.  So here is the challenge, we’re all going to be on the hunt for the 10 Essentials.  Take your time.  As you & I get these items we will share them with all.  Email me a pic of the item you purchased & let me know where & how much.  Email me at FashionUnder20@yahoo.com.

Good Luck & have a blast!

‘Til next time,


Badgley Mischkas for $20? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

Badgley Mischkas for $20?  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

As most of you know, I am a shoe addict. I LOVE shoes! Like really LOVE shoes! So a trip to DSW is always an adventure. And what an adventure it was this trip!

Yesterday I met up with my dear friend Darden for dinner but prior to heading to the restaurant we decided to meet at DSW (insert squeal). Already Darden had a pair of gorgeous black wedges she was hoping I would talk her out of because she thought they cost too much, that didn’t happen. I walked in there hoping to find a pair of comfort shoes I have been wanting since I first laid eyes on them, J-41 shoes. You may or may not have heard about these shoes, but they are extremely comfortable and cute. As much as I love heels (they make me look skinny) a girl has to have a pair of comfort shoes in the arsenal.

Anywho back to the story, this particular DSW did not have the J-41s I wanted in my size so I directed my attention elsewhere, the clearance section. As I looked through the clearance section I noticed there were a pair of J-41s I liked, unfortunately they were a tad small. Darden & I were hunting for the size up when I spotted these stunningly, gorgeous Badgley Mischkas! It was like the shoe gods opened the heavens & the shoe angels began singing in perfect unison. I HAD to try these beauties on, yet another chorus being sung. I decided to look at the price of these life changing stunners & POW, I saw $169.95. I then looked at the color of the tag & it was purple, YEAH! DSW clearance section works on a color code system, blue = 30% off, green = 40% off, purple = 50% off & red = 60% off (may not be exact on the discount amount for red). 50% off of $169.95 means my Badgleys would be $84.95…HOLLA! Now I’m sure you are sitting here thinking to yourself, “Um, Jo that’s not $20.” Duh, I know that. See I’ve spent so much time & money in DSW that I earned a $20 off certificate (I’m a DSW rewards member, of course), that brought my cost for the shoes to $64.97, still not $20 but keep reading. Thanks to my friends Carol & Cynthia I received 2 gift cards totaling $50 for my birthday (gotta love birthdays & friends who feed your addictions). That brings my total to $14.97 & when you add sales tax to the whole thing, I only paid a total of $20.33 for a pair of Badgley Mischka shoes (insert shoegasm)!

I’m going to spend some quality time with my new babies now!!!

‘Til next time,

P.S., A special thanks to Carol, Cynthia & Darden! Love you ladies!


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