$20 JC Penny Fabulous


Last night I had an event to attend. The event was the screening of an HBO documentary, so I didn’t want to be too dressed up but did want to look like I made a little effort. I purchased this number at JC Penny (JCP) on Memorial day on a shopping trip with some girlfriends. I never intended to pair the two together but am glad I did.

So here’s what I did:

* JCP white t-shirt – $5.99
* Nicole by Nicole Miller black pants with pink accents – $13.50

Not bad for $19.50!

I love the pop of color in the pants! I decided to pair the outfit with a pair of cream/green polka dot, Lela Rose shoes I purchased at Payless a couple of years ago. I finished my look with basic silver hoops, a chunky necklace I bought at Kohl’s on clearance years ago, red matte lips (NYX – Perfect Red) & confidence.

It really shouldn’t cost you that much to shine like a star.

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$35 Fabulous

$35 Fabulous breakdown_wm

Yes, I really did just post about “A Bright Summer” and now here I am looking like I’m mourning.  Well, there is an explanation for today’s look, it’s raining her in Dallas.  That’s it, that’s my explanation for the dark colors.  However, I’m sure you’ll be bright & cheery when you find out that I paid less than $40 for today’s look.

Yes, my basic black t-shirt + gray jeans + shoes = $34.79!  Insert applause now.  When you add the cost of my accessories & my lipstick, you’d be happy to know that I spent less than $50 to complete my entire “rainy day look!”  Doing my happy rain dance now…WOOHOO!!!

Here is the breakdown:

  • T-shirt – $5.99 at JC Penny (Regular price $12, but I bought it during their Memorial Day sale)
  • Jeans – $14.80 at Forever 21 (I wear these jeans everywhere with everything.  I love the fit & the price is oh so nice)
  • Shoes – $14 at Steve Madden (Got these on clearance. Sometimes Steve Madden will place certain styles on clearance when they are down to just a few sizes.)
  • Accessories – Necklace (Birthday gift from my friends Chris & Dana), Earrings ($8 Charming Charlie), Bracelets ($6.99 Charming Charlie)
  • Lips – NYX Pandora Lipstick ($4.99 Beauty Supply Store; also available at Target)

All was not lost on the color aspect of things because I was able to incorporate NYX’s Pandora lipstick into my makeup for that pop of color every stylist & fashion guru is always talking about.  I am currently on a bright color lipstick kick.  Every time I am in the local drug store or near a department store makeup counter I am on the hunt for a new color.  Glad I found this purple number.  Consider it my ode to Prince’s Purple Rain with purple lips.  I don’t know, I’m just rambling now.

Anywho, being basic and being fabulous shouldn’t cost you an arm & a leg.  You can always jazz up the basic jeans & t-shirt with a pair of fun shoes, jewelry & gorgeous makeup.  Give it a try!

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A Bright Summer

ColorAlthough summer has not officially started, it has unofficially begun here in Texas.  The humidity & the heat, gotta love Texas summers.  So let’s discuss summer wardrobe, do you have a summer wardrobe game plan?  I’m thinking COLOR!!!  Be seen Honey!!!

There are tons of people who are afraid of color, I admit I was one of those people, but then I woke up and decided to venture into the world of color.  I’m so glad I decided to give color a try…Hallelujah!!!  There were colors that I thought would never look good on me that have turned out to look pretty darn hot (if I do say so myself).

So let’s explore colors:

  • Red – I just never saw myself as a red wearing person until I tried on the red dress JCP) in the top picture.  I loved the way it fit my curves & for $16, it was perfect for my budget.  Red lips, actually red matte lips are my new love.  Who knew that wearing red lips would make you feel so “Old Hollywood” glamorous. The color I am wearing in the picture is NYX  Perfect Red ($6).   I recommend you give it a try sometime.
  • Neons – Ok, neon colors were never supposed to be in my wardrobe at all but I figured “WTH, let’s do this,” so I did.  I absolutely love love my neon lime green shorts I got for half price at the Gap Outlet ($17).  I feel like I hit the fashion jackpot because I can wear those shorts dressed up or casual (a FU20 love)!
  • Pinks – Pink hues on the eyes or maybe a top or a swimsuit is a great way to just start off with colors.  Pinks, peaches, etc are a like the new black to me, they go with most colors & even if you think they don’t, just go ahead & put them together anyway.

In the words of Macklemore, “rock that ish!”

‘Til next time,



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