Practicing What I Preached

Practicing What I Preached

Yesterday, I preached the importance of quality foundation pieces so I decided to put my advice into action for myself. I woke up & decided to head to Nordstrom (if you are in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, the NorthPark location) to get measured. Let me confess, I have not been measured in over a year and then some. Anywho, when I walked in I was confident the bra size I walked in wearing was correct; boy was I in for a massive shock to my psyche.

First off let me say that my salesperson Lauren was FANTABULOUS!!! She greeted me the minute I stepped into the department & was very eager to help me out. As we stepped into the dressing room I immediately told her my current bra cup size. She measured me & then went to get 3 bras to try on. When she got back we tried on the bra in my current cup size. Yeah, that didn’t work. So we tried that size up, FAIL! Then we tried the size above the size above my current size…VICTORY!!! In case I lost you, it turns out I was wearing a bra cup 2 sizes too small. How in the hell did that happen? What made this even more bizarre is the fact that my band size measured smaller than before! What the…? Talk about the most backwards body, as I tone up my boobs gets bigger? Bother!

I expressed to Lauren my disbelief that my breast grew 2 cup sizes and sweet girl that she is, she assured me it happens more than women think. One thing she mentioned was our breast tissues tend to expand in the summer, so she suggested we measure every 6 months rather than every year. She also, informed me that the bra band should be placed at the middle of your back because the lower on your back the band is, the higher your girls will lift, GOOD TO KNOW!!!

I left with a sports bra, t-shirt bra & 2 regular bras. I am very happy with what I purchased, not so much with the total for all 4.

I’ve attached a before & after pic so you can see the difference. I know it’s not a huge difference but you can see the after (periwinkle bra) completely covers the girls, while the before (black bra) leaves a fourth of my girls out.

Now I need each of you to get up & get measured because in order to look fabulous you have to have the right foundation pieces. Thanks to Lauren for making that happen! Please stop by Nordstrom at NorthPark to see her, she’s amazing & sweet as all out.

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PSA…Don’t Skimp On Your Foundation!!!

Ladies, we MUST do better!  There are some of us out there who are walking around wearing the wrong bra size.  That has got to stop!  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on your clothing if you aren’t wearing the right foundation pieces.  Foundation pieces = underwear (bra, panty, shape wear, etc.)

Now, what I am about to tell you goes against everything that Fashion Under 20 is all about, but you must not skimp on your foundation pieces.  It’s ok to spend over $20 on those, hell I expect you to pay more than $20 for those pieces.  I can’t even find a bra for less than $30 in my bra size, maybe because I have a big chest.  Even you small busted ladies need to make an investment in your foundation pieces.  Your foundation pieces are the key to your fabulous finds under 20 looking ahmazing!  The purpose of them is to lift, hide, smooth, enhance, and minimize our perfections & imperfections.  The correct bra can make you look 10lbs lighter, hide & smooth the back fat & enhance those A, B, C cups you may or may not be happy with & minimize those D, DD, DDD, F, G cups you may want to hide. 

Here’s what you should do, put on a bra & stand in front of the mirror, now do any of these apply to you?

Signs Which Reveal If You’re Wearing The Wrong Size Bra

1 The cups are wrinkled

2 The back size is to big and the cups are to small.

3 Straps slip off the shoulders now and again

4 The bra band keeps riding up in the back.

5 The center of the bra, or the underwire, does not lie flat on the chest.

If you suffer from any of the problems listed below you could be wearing a wrong size bra

6 Shoulder and skin irritation caused by bra straps digging in your skin

7 Irreversable damage to ligaments leads to breast pain and sagging

8 Underwires sticks into the breast tissue, and causes unnecessary pressure and discomfort


You answered yes to some or all of those questions, now what do you do?  If it’s within store hours I would advise you run to your nearest Dillards or Nordstrom (I say those stores because I am confident in their measuring) & get yourself measured!  Be sure to take a fitted shirt so you can see the difference between your current bra fit & your new bra fit.  What a difference a measuring tape makes? 

If the idea of getting measured by a complete stranger freaks you out, because you will have to basically be half naked if front of the salesperson, you can try to do your own measurement at home.  I did some research & found Linda, The Bra Lady.  What I found really interesting about this website is the bra calculator.  She explains to you where & how to measure, then calculates your size based on those measurements.  See, all the hard work is done for you in the privacy of your own home.  However, I do recommend you get measured by a professional.

Look, it’s a waste saving money on fabulous fashions if the foundation is a hot mess, so take the money you are saving by shopping for fashion under 20 & spend it on quality foundation pieces.

‘Til next time,


Shut Up!!! Forever 21 & Melissa Shoes Collabo

While doing some research or maybe just perusing the World Wide Web as a means to avoid writing a new post (I’m a bit of a procrastinator), I came upon this amazing news on one of my favorite fashion blogs Styleblazer!  It seems that Brazilian shoe maker, Melissa Shoes, has teamed up with Forever 21, a Fashion Under 20 fav (we’ll discuss that later), to bring us fashionistas on a budget cute jelly shoes for less than $23 (insert applause here)!  Talk about perfect timing!

I loved jelly shoes when I was a kid and now I get the chance to relive my childhood fashionably & on a budget…woop woop!  I hope this is not a limited time only thing because I will be devastated (praying to the shoe gods now that this will continue).  I’m gonna make it a point to head to my local Forever 21 this week & grab me a pair or 2 or 3 of these Mel for Forever 21.  Check them out here.

‘Til next time,


You’re Sleeping on Payless!

 You’re Sleeping on Payless!

Have you been to Payless lately? If you answered “no,” then you’re sleeping on Payless. Payless has upped their game & their fashion. It has rapidly become my go to spot for last minute shoes, accessories, handbags and nail polish (yes I said nail polish). I remember when I would cringe at the idea of stepping foot into a Payless & now I am writing a post about their awesome evolution…WOW!
I say awesome evolution because Payless really did the damn thing. They partnered with current mainstream designers like Christian Soriano, Isabel Toledo, and they used to have a partnership with Lela Rose (I think that relationship no longer exist) which in my opinion was the ticket to their current success. It was because of the partnership with Christian Soriano, one of my favorite designers from Project Runway which took me into a Payless. As I walked in the store, hoping no one would see me, I was stunned to see all the styles. I now make it a point to always stop at a Payless to see what they have in stock.
I’ve since bought countless shoes, accessories, handbags and nail polish (yes nail polish) at Payless. I’ve even got my sister excited to go hunting at Payless (she likes hunting for handbags there). Many compliments have been made about my Payless purchases, which makes me smile from ear to ear because when I tell them where I got the items from they are shocked. That shock is what makes Fashion Under 20 so much fun because most folks really don’t care what you paid for an item, it’s how you rock the item that really impresses them.
I recently went to Cancun with my sister for vacation and I was on the hunt for flip flops & sunglasses. Where did I get for my flip flops & sunglasses? PAYLESS of course! I happened to waltz in during BOGO time and ended up getting my cute embellished flip flops for $9.99 & my sunglasses for $4.99! Do you know how many compliments I have gotten on those sunglasses? To think my plan was to trash those sunglasses after I landed back in Dallas…that’s not happening any time soon.
Here’s what you need to do, WAKE UP!!! Quit sleeping on Payless Shoes Source and make it a point to check out what they have going on. Be sure to sign up for their Payless Rewards where you can get 20% off your next purchase just for signing up and exclusive deals just for being a rewards member. We LOVE rewards around this joint!
‘Til next time,
**By the way, Payless is not paying me to say any of this, actually I am not getting paid at all so trust my endorsement is genuine & not a paid advertisement**

Swimsuits…You can scream now!

Swimsuits...You can scream now!

Seriously, why are swimsuits so expensive? You are paying for a few yards of clothing that really don’t cover that much. They are the most dreaded pieces of clothing a person will ever come into contact with and no matter how much we try not to, at some point in our lives we will have to purchase a swimsuit or 2.
Well as much as I tried to avoid ever having to shop for a swimsuit, I was forced to. My amazing sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her I wanted to go to California to see our family friend. The timing for that trip did not work out so we decided to do something neither one of us had ever done before, experience an all-inclusive in Cancun. After a month of research we decided upon a gorgeous location that was on the beach. Beach location meant we’d have to go on the beach and thus the need for me to find a swimsuit…ARGH!!!
I’m a busty, curvy gal and finding a swimsuit that covers all areas without making you look like an oompa loompa is quite an adventure or should I call it torture? Anywho, I was up for the challenge. I searched in stores & online for about a month to no avail. I really thought I would not be able to find anything within my $20 or less price limit, so I succumbed to the pressure & increased my price limit to $70 or less (don’t judge me, I was desperate). I even found this amazing, tangerine bandini 2 piece by Athena online, the top $61 and the bottom $45. Now you should know by now that the chances that I would actually purchase that beautiful number were slim to none. What is a girl to do?
The shopping gods were on my side when they led to me Burlington Coat Factory. My relationship with Burlington Coat Factory is not a good one at all, hell I hate going there, but I was drawn to this particular location (if you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area I am speaking about the Grapevine Mills location). They have a huge selection of swimsuits and the prices are on point. I ended up spending $45 for 2 swimsuits! Yes I know you are saying to yourself, “Jo, the math’s not right!” I know I ended up spending $24.99 for one of the swimsuits (I had a moment of weakness…forgive me!). This is my favorite of the 2 I purchased that day. It’s by Jantzen, it fits amazing, hides all the imperfections, cost $19.99 and to be honest I felt, was and looked fabulous (rule #1).
What I learned on this torturous adventure for a swimsuit was:
1. There really is no need to fear shopping for a swimsuit, because you are in control not the swimsuit.
2. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a swimsuit that flatters your body type.
3. Even in a swimsuit you can feel, be and look fabulous!
‘Til next time,


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