A Bright Summer

ColorAlthough summer has not officially started, it has unofficially begun here in Texas.  The humidity & the heat, gotta love Texas summers.  So let’s discuss summer wardrobe, do you have a summer wardrobe game plan?  I’m thinking COLOR!!!  Be seen Honey!!!

There are tons of people who are afraid of color, I admit I was one of those people, but then I woke up and decided to venture into the world of color.  I’m so glad I decided to give color a try…Hallelujah!!!  There were colors that I thought would never look good on me that have turned out to look pretty darn hot (if I do say so myself).

So let’s explore colors:

  • Red – I just never saw myself as a red wearing person until I tried on the red dress JCP) in the top picture.  I loved the way it fit my curves & for $16, it was perfect for my budget.  Red lips, actually red matte lips are my new love.  Who knew that wearing red lips would make you feel so “Old Hollywood” glamorous. The color I am wearing in the picture is NYX  Perfect Red ($6).   I recommend you give it a try sometime.
  • Neons – Ok, neon colors were never supposed to be in my wardrobe at all but I figured “WTH, let’s do this,” so I did.  I absolutely love love my neon lime green shorts I got for half price at the Gap Outlet ($17).  I feel like I hit the fashion jackpot because I can wear those shorts dressed up or casual (a FU20 love)!
  • Pinks – Pink hues on the eyes or maybe a top or a swimsuit is a great way to just start off with colors.  Pinks, peaches, etc are a like the new black to me, they go with most colors & even if you think they don’t, just go ahead & put them together anyway.

In the words of Macklemore, “rock that ish!”

‘Til next time,



About fashionunder20

I'm a kind of sorta underemployed chick with a passion for fashion, on a budget. I totally believe that looking fabulous is an unalienable right our Founding Fathers forgot to put in the Constitution. That is why I am here to say, "You have to right to be fabulous on any budget!"

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