Me & My Jellys (Mel for Forever 21)

Me & My Jellys (Mel for Forever 21)

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the fantabulous collaboration between Forever 21 & Melissa shoes. If you’ve slept since then & don’t remember what I am talking about, how about you take a gander at this. Anywho, when I wrote the post I also mentioned that I would be heading to my local Forever 21 to cop a pair or 2 & that is exactly what I did!

I purchased 2 pairs of the comfortable & cute numbers & recently wore the blue gladiators yesterday to run errands. I AM IN LOVE!!! These are so comfortable & really cute. They go well with just about anything from a sundress, which I wore yesterday, to shorts & jeans. Even my picky, conservative, older sister complimented me on how cute they are.

For $22.80, this adorable number is really worth it. I like them so much I may be wearing them most of the summer.

There are different styles & colors so check them out & buy a pair or 2 or 3 or more!

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I'm a kind of sorta underemployed chick with a passion for fashion, on a budget. I totally believe that looking fabulous is an unalienable right our Founding Fathers forgot to put in the Constitution. That is why I am here to say, "You have to right to be fabulous on any budget!"

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