Badgley Mischkas for $20? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

Badgley Mischkas for $20?  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

As most of you know, I am a shoe addict. I LOVE shoes! Like really LOVE shoes! So a trip to DSW is always an adventure. And what an adventure it was this trip!

Yesterday I met up with my dear friend Darden for dinner but prior to heading to the restaurant we decided to meet at DSW (insert squeal). Already Darden had a pair of gorgeous black wedges she was hoping I would talk her out of because she thought they cost too much, that didn’t happen. I walked in there hoping to find a pair of comfort shoes I have been wanting since I first laid eyes on them, J-41 shoes. You may or may not have heard about these shoes, but they are extremely comfortable and cute. As much as I love heels (they make me look skinny) a girl has to have a pair of comfort shoes in the arsenal.

Anywho back to the story, this particular DSW did not have the J-41s I wanted in my size so I directed my attention elsewhere, the clearance section. As I looked through the clearance section I noticed there were a pair of J-41s I liked, unfortunately they were a tad small. Darden & I were hunting for the size up when I spotted these stunningly, gorgeous Badgley Mischkas! It was like the shoe gods opened the heavens & the shoe angels began singing in perfect unison. I HAD to try these beauties on, yet another chorus being sung. I decided to look at the price of these life changing stunners & POW, I saw $169.95. I then looked at the color of the tag & it was purple, YEAH! DSW clearance section works on a color code system, blue = 30% off, green = 40% off, purple = 50% off & red = 60% off (may not be exact on the discount amount for red). 50% off of $169.95 means my Badgleys would be $84.95…HOLLA! Now I’m sure you are sitting here thinking to yourself, “Um, Jo that’s not $20.” Duh, I know that. See I’ve spent so much time & money in DSW that I earned a $20 off certificate (I’m a DSW rewards member, of course), that brought my cost for the shoes to $64.97, still not $20 but keep reading. Thanks to my friends Carol & Cynthia I received 2 gift cards totaling $50 for my birthday (gotta love birthdays & friends who feed your addictions). That brings my total to $14.97 & when you add sales tax to the whole thing, I only paid a total of $20.33 for a pair of Badgley Mischka shoes (insert shoegasm)!

I’m going to spend some quality time with my new babies now!!!

‘Til next time,

P.S., A special thanks to Carol, Cynthia & Darden! Love you ladies!


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I'm a kind of sorta underemployed chick with a passion for fashion, on a budget. I totally believe that looking fabulous is an unalienable right our Founding Fathers forgot to put in the Constitution. That is why I am here to say, "You have to right to be fabulous on any budget!"

2 responses to “Badgley Mischkas for $20? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

  1. kwdonlonKim

    Can’t wait to borrow them!

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