Practicing What I Preached

Practicing What I Preached

Yesterday, I preached the importance of quality foundation pieces so I decided to put my advice into action for myself. I woke up & decided to head to Nordstrom (if you are in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, the NorthPark location) to get measured. Let me confess, I have not been measured in over a year and then some. Anywho, when I walked in I was confident the bra size I walked in wearing was correct; boy was I in for a massive shock to my psyche.

First off let me say that my salesperson Lauren was FANTABULOUS!!! She greeted me the minute I stepped into the department & was very eager to help me out. As we stepped into the dressing room I immediately told her my current bra cup size. She measured me & then went to get 3 bras to try on. When she got back we tried on the bra in my current cup size. Yeah, that didn’t work. So we tried that size up, FAIL! Then we tried the size above the size above my current size…VICTORY!!! In case I lost you, it turns out I was wearing a bra cup 2 sizes too small. How in the hell did that happen? What made this even more bizarre is the fact that my band size measured smaller than before! What the…? Talk about the most backwards body, as I tone up my boobs gets bigger? Bother!

I expressed to Lauren my disbelief that my breast grew 2 cup sizes and sweet girl that she is, she assured me it happens more than women think. One thing she mentioned was our breast tissues tend to expand in the summer, so she suggested we measure every 6 months rather than every year. She also, informed me that the bra band should be placed at the middle of your back because the lower on your back the band is, the higher your girls will lift, GOOD TO KNOW!!!

I left with a sports bra, t-shirt bra & 2 regular bras. I am very happy with what I purchased, not so much with the total for all 4.

I’ve attached a before & after pic so you can see the difference. I know it’s not a huge difference but you can see the after (periwinkle bra) completely covers the girls, while the before (black bra) leaves a fourth of my girls out.

Now I need each of you to get up & get measured because in order to look fabulous you have to have the right foundation pieces. Thanks to Lauren for making that happen! Please stop by Nordstrom at NorthPark to see her, she’s amazing & sweet as all out.

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About fashionunder20

I'm a kind of sorta underemployed chick with a passion for fashion, on a budget. I totally believe that looking fabulous is an unalienable right our Founding Fathers forgot to put in the Constitution. That is why I am here to say, "You have to right to be fabulous on any budget!"

4 responses to “Practicing What I Preached

  1. It’s always good to have the girls looking their best!

  2. Karigue

    I wish my girls grew while I tone up!!! My ladies reverted to little girls lol. Guess it’s time to head to Nordstroms to get fitted and hit up the nail polish bar while I’m at it.

  3. ALWarren

    Great post Jo. Another good resource is the Maddox Shop in Casa Linda- it’s old school in appearance, but they will fit and alter (if necessary) your bras for an exact fit.

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