You’re Sleeping on Payless!

 You’re Sleeping on Payless!

Have you been to Payless lately? If you answered “no,” then you’re sleeping on Payless. Payless has upped their game & their fashion. It has rapidly become my go to spot for last minute shoes, accessories, handbags and nail polish (yes I said nail polish). I remember when I would cringe at the idea of stepping foot into a Payless & now I am writing a post about their awesome evolution…WOW!
I say awesome evolution because Payless really did the damn thing. They partnered with current mainstream designers like Christian Soriano, Isabel Toledo, and they used to have a partnership with Lela Rose (I think that relationship no longer exist) which in my opinion was the ticket to their current success. It was because of the partnership with Christian Soriano, one of my favorite designers from Project Runway which took me into a Payless. As I walked in the store, hoping no one would see me, I was stunned to see all the styles. I now make it a point to always stop at a Payless to see what they have in stock.
I’ve since bought countless shoes, accessories, handbags and nail polish (yes nail polish) at Payless. I’ve even got my sister excited to go hunting at Payless (she likes hunting for handbags there). Many compliments have been made about my Payless purchases, which makes me smile from ear to ear because when I tell them where I got the items from they are shocked. That shock is what makes Fashion Under 20 so much fun because most folks really don’t care what you paid for an item, it’s how you rock the item that really impresses them.
I recently went to Cancun with my sister for vacation and I was on the hunt for flip flops & sunglasses. Where did I get for my flip flops & sunglasses? PAYLESS of course! I happened to waltz in during BOGO time and ended up getting my cute embellished flip flops for $9.99 & my sunglasses for $4.99! Do you know how many compliments I have gotten on those sunglasses? To think my plan was to trash those sunglasses after I landed back in Dallas…that’s not happening any time soon.
Here’s what you need to do, WAKE UP!!! Quit sleeping on Payless Shoes Source and make it a point to check out what they have going on. Be sure to sign up for their Payless Rewards where you can get 20% off your next purchase just for signing up and exclusive deals just for being a rewards member. We LOVE rewards around this joint!
‘Til next time,
**By the way, Payless is not paying me to say any of this, actually I am not getting paid at all so trust my endorsement is genuine & not a paid advertisement**


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I'm a kind of sorta underemployed chick with a passion for fashion, on a budget. I totally believe that looking fabulous is an unalienable right our Founding Fathers forgot to put in the Constitution. That is why I am here to say, "You have to right to be fabulous on any budget!"

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